The Need to Reinvent the Way Management is Conducted in order to be prepared for the Future

I just found a video on YouTube by Gary Hamel called Management Must be Reinvented. In this video Gary stresses the need for businesses to evolve with the times. He discusses how management has hardly changed at all since the sixties and warns tha management is in danger of becoming obsolete. Gary Hamel further explains that in order to stay current with the ever changing global market, organizations need change the way they approach organizing and mobilizing their human capabilities.

Mr. Hamel also talks about a revolutionary management style where employees are able to rate their bosses performance and then that rating would be available for everyone in the organization to review. Some of his other ideas include making everyone’s salary  accessible to anyone in the organization and  involving everyone in strategy and decision making (instead of solely upper management).

These are definitely new ideas for management and I found the video very interesting. Please click on the link to watch the short video.


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