What it Means to Lead by Example

If a manager wants to be respected, successful, and remembered then they need to lead by example. At first one might think this a very simple task involving things like showing up on time and working a full forty hour work week. But there is much more involved if you want to lead by example. Even though they may not show it, employees are observing everything their managers do and say. Employees pay especially close attention to the way their manager reacts when something goes wrong, how quickly they provide answers to questions, and if they are providing their staff with the necessary tools to effectively do their jobs.

Employees will interpret the way their manager acts as the way that their manager wants them to act and pattern their behavior similarly. In other words if a manager says that they want their employees to finish assignments on time, then they better make sure they also do their assignments in a timely fashion. For example, if a boss is late giving a performance review then the employee may see this as meaning that their performance is not important. (Even though the employee was verbally told that their performance was important, the manager’s actions made the statement meaningless). So in the future, if your employees are not performing in the way you would like, make sure that you are not setting the wrong example!


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