How to Deal With Stress

Stress is a natural reaction to emotional or physical stimuli and everyone experiences stress in their lives. This is worrisome because prolonged stress can cause serious health problems including high blood pressure and diabetes. Some common causes of stress in a work environment are too much work, having a boss who is always criticizing your work, or plain boredom from doing the same thing every day. Managers can also feel stress from the pressures of trying to manage others and of from constantly refereeing disputes (between co-workers or colleagues).

Unfortunately, stress can’t be avoided but there are things that we can do to reduce its negative effects. The the online book titled Managing Stress by Sean McPheat talks about five ways to manage stress which are: getting enough sleep, maintaining a proper diet, exercising regularly, time management, and being aware of our emotions. He explains that people who get a good night’s sleep are better able to handle stress. He recommends that adults get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night. Diet is another important aspect of stress management because overeating and alcohol consumption can actually cause additional health problems like obesity and addiction. Another way to manage ones diet is  to make sure that meals are balanced (have items from all the four food groups). Also people should minimize the amount of sugar and fat that they eat.

Exercise is another way to reduce stress because it allows us to expend pent up energy (which is a side effect of stress.) Time management helps to reduce stress because it allows us to focus. Additionally, those people who plan their day find that they are more productive. Finally, McPheat explains that being aware of our emotions (AKA emotional intelligence) will allow us to respond in more productive ways when we are faced with stressful situations. A person should periodically ask themselves, “What am I feeling and why am I feeling this way.” The next step is to take actions that will reduce these negative feelings. For example, if I realize that I am feeling anxious because work is piling up on my desk, I should take actions to resolve this problem. Some solutions could be to schedule a couple of undisturbed hours to work on my assignments or I can delegate some of my work to others.

I just found a short YouTube video on stress management that was very informative. They say that you should identify the most stressful things in your life and then put them into one of three categories which are: Remove, Change, and Accept. The first step is to identify and categorize all of the stressful aspects of your life. Then you need to create a plan to either remove, change, or accept the situation (depending on the category that it is in). I have a link to the video below.


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