What it Takes to Build an Effective, Efficient, and Cohesive Team

Teamwork has become a crucial aspect of today’s business world. Organizations have learned that teams are especially useful for improvement projects, research and development (R & D), problem solving, and creating new products. This is mainly because everyone has a different perspective and group environments encourage discussions. Discussions are important because they allow individuals to express their views. Teams also generate company pride, synergy, and unity.

Team building has become a requirement for all managers. Organizations expect their managers to be able create effective teams and to resolve any issues that have the potential of hindering a team. In fact, team building is so important that many management interviews will ask candidates to describe their team building style. I found this great article that gives fifteen ideas for team building. Some of my favorites were:

  1. Take an employee to work day –  This involved firms having employees shadow a staff member in another department. This is a very effective way to “show” staff that every department is important. It also helps staff understand what other departments do. Another twist on this idea is job shadowing. The difference is that “take an employee to work” sheds light on what other departments do. On the other hand, job shadowing is longer (usually several weeks) and shows employees the different career options available within a company.
  2. Provide lunch – Since everyone likes to eat, providing food is a great way to get everyone to relax and to get comfortable before they start a group activity.
  3. Use ice breakers at meetings – These are especially effective for new teams because they encourage people to talk to each other.
  4. Provide mentoring – This is a benefit to both the mentor and the mentee and lifelong friendships are often created.
  5. Encourage family involvement – Companies should have regular picnics and field trips where employees are encouraged to bring their families.

I have provided the link below if you would like to read the whole article.



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